Saturday, February 14, 2015

History of the American Valentine

"On this day... 1849, the first American-made valentines were sold in Worcester. They were designed and made by Esther Howland, the daughter of a local stationer. After graduating from Mt. Holyoke College, she returned to Worcester and began making valentines modeled on a fancy one she had received from an English friend. Her brother took the samples on a sales trip and came home with an astonishing $5,000 worth of orders. Howland began by hiring her friends to assemble the valentines; within a few years, she built her business into a $100,000 a year enterprise, a notable success for any entrepreneur but a truly remarkable accomplishment for a nineteenth-century woman."

This the intro of the very fascinating tidbit of Massachusetts history from massmoments.orgClick here to read the entire interesting story about Esther Howland- "the mother of the American Valentine" & the New England Valentine Company

Enjoy the read!

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