Sunday, May 10, 2015


From our front window.
Spring, Flowers & Color!  This is a gorgeous time of the year!  We've been waiting for this colorful season.  Looking through any window on any side of our home it's a beautiful sight on this Mother's Day weekend.  The achoos are part of the season.

Perennial Garden

Another view

Our birdhouses in the perennial garden are no longer "For Rent"!  Spring in New England!


Stacey said...

Everything is so beautiful outside your windows. You are quite a bit behind us seasonally. Our forsythias and spring budding flowers are gone. We are working on summer here. Keep your kleenex handy. :)

JG said...

Stacey- Suddenly Spring arrived & then August temps- 90°'sF. Later this week we'll be back into Spring. Phew! :)