Tuesday, June 2, 2015

~Yummy Yogurt~

Yummy Yogurt

The top shelf of our fridge was a tad empty!  No wonder, I'd been looking at the reserved spot for Yummy Yogurt.  Yesterday, 1 container of the delicious plain yogurt was sitting on the shelf.  There was only one thing to do!  It was time to make the yogurt!  A portion of the 1 remaining container was used to prep a double batch.  My 2 Donvier yogurt makers were taken out of the cabinet & I was ready. 

Using a yogurt maker this is a very easy food to make.  The milk is brought to a boil in a large pot on the stove top, cooled a bit & then the culture is added & stirred in.  The culture?  It's yogurt from a previous batch.  (For the first batch, purchase an unflavored container of yogurt.)  Pour milk mixture into the individual containers, snap on the lid, place in the yogurt maker & set the timer.  Hours later- presto- it's yogurt!  Refrigerate & enjoy starting the next day.  Below is a snapshot of my PDF for Yummy Yogurt.


Directions & Hints:  Click here for PDF (instructions).

***After making several batches of Yogurt, if it seems to be more tart or less solid, that's a clue it's time to purchase a new container & begin with a new culture.  DIY Yogurt is yummy & also inexpensive to make. 

For over 35 years I've enjoyed making my almost weekly batches of yogurt.  It's usually part of our daily lunches.  Yogurt has always been one of my family's sources of  Calcium.  We flavor it with fresh fruit or Freezer Jam.



Pam said...

Interesting! I've never made yogurt. That zucchini below looks and sounds delicious!

JG said...

Yogurt is one of my sources of Calcium, Pam. Zucchini is a great change of veggie! :)