Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Zucchinied Rice

Zucchinied Rice
Fresh local Green Beans!  Zucchini!  Summer Squash!  Beets!  Wait, wait, let's go back to Zucchini.  Those green veggies.  Home gardeners learn quickly that they can grow very long & wide if they're not picked off their vines early enough.  Stopping into our local Farmer's Market last Thursday there was a large selection of small Zucchini.  It didn't take me long to select 8 of the smallest to enjoy this week.  Zucchini sauteed in Olive Oil is so good!

Earlier this week as I was prepping dinner, there was "leftover" cooked white Rice in the fridge.  I always prepare Rice that leaves me with about 1 cup left in the serving bowl after dinner.  (My method to cook Rice.)  That's never a problem- it's always saved to use again later in the week.  This cooked Rice was the beginning of a new side dish.  Suddenly it came to me- add sauteed Zucchini & heat.  

2 of the small Zucchini were cut into strips & then sauteed.  The white Rice had been cooked in chicken broth & seasoned with Basil.  It was so good!  Zucchinied Rice is a great side dish!  Try it!

Zucchinied Rice


2 small Zucchini
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil for sauteing & baking
about 1 cup cooked white Rice
1 teaspoon cold Water

  1. Rinse 2 small Zucchini under cold running water, dry.
  2. Cut off both ends.
  3. Cut Zucchini into 1 and 1/2" chunks.
  4. Cut each chunk in half.  
  5. Place long cut side down & carefully cut into 1/4"- 1/2" strips.
  6. Stack 3-4 larger strips & carefully cut to desired size.  Repeat.
  7. Heat Olive Oil in saute/ large frying pan.
  8. Add Zucchini strips & cook until tender, stirring often.
  9. Place cooked Rice + 1 teaspoon water in microwave safe bowl.
  10. Add sauteed Zucchini, stir & cover.
  11. Heat in microwave.
Who would think that this side dish had leftovers?  We will be having this again!  


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