Friday, December 23, 2016

~Merry Christmas!~

Storrowton Village Museum is located in West Springfield, MA.  We live on the east side of the Connecticut River & this beautiful village is located on the west side of the river.  It's a quick drive over a bridge.  Every year in early December a quaint fun adventure awaits when we travel back to this 19th century village-
                           "Yuletide at Storrowton"

Wreaths & garlands decorated the historic homes.  Arriving at the Gilbert House a dainty, yet tasteful decoration welcomed us at the door.

Once inside, a simple yet very elegant table decoration was found in the Parlor

A quick walk into the Kitchen to learn what would be served at dinner- a Roasted Chicken, stuffed Squash & baked Gingerbread! 


The cooking area had decorations with a 21st century touch.  

 The Schoolhouse was the next stop!

After stepping inside it was easy to chat with the Schoolteacher.  Her rod was on her desk- decorated with a red ribbon.

The Meeting House is in the background!

It was a beautiful day in early December!  We also learned a little local history.

We enjoyed!


Pam said...

Interesting post, Judy and great pic of you! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

JG said...

Pam- Every so often I "step into" a post! :) Merry Christmas!