Sunday, June 2, 2019

New Colors of Spring!

I always appreciate the beautiful colors that Spring brings to our yard.  From the early sprouting Hyacinths, the flowing yellow Forsythia bushes to the yellow Daffodils.  Outside my computer room a burst of pink blossoms have erupted.  I often view them while glancing outside the window.  Admiring them outdoors is so much better.  The tall stalks are staked up, because of the recent rain.

Vibrant purple Irises have now made their appearances.  I had been watching the large clump in our front garden.  Yesterday, a smaller group in our back perennial garden started to blossom.

The Variegated Iris usually has one blossom every Spring.

Today was the day it blossomed!

New England's 4 seasons bring changes to our scenery throughout the year.  Each season is enjoyed, because it will change- yet again!  The pastel and also vibrant colors of Spring are just gorgeous!!


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