Saturday, October 12, 2019

Apple Crisp- with Raisins and Craisins

Apple Crisp- with Raisins and Craisins
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One just might believe that I forgot what our fave family dessert is in autumn!  That was not totally true!  I had been waiting for the McIntosh and Cortland apples to be available to purchase.  Then, suddenly, they were.  Naturally I purchased both varieties.  Then, for 2 weeks they sat in our fridge.  Waiting.  Every time I saw them it was a reminder. 

On Friday I finally baked Apple Crisp- with Raisins and Craisins, of course.  It's the dessert that tastes sooo goood with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.  It's also the dessert that has a great topping of oats and brown sugar.   Apple Crisp is just so so- without the addition of Raisins and Craisins (dried cranberries).

This is delicious!  Bake this treat after purchasing some McIntosh or Cortland apples.  If only one of the varieties is available- use it.  During the winter months I find in my area that Empire apples are available, so at that time of year I use the Empire apples.

Click here for my recipe!

Now that I've baked it, I'm sure that in about 2 weeks there will be plans for another.  It is a great dessert! 


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