Wednesday, July 29, 2020

~Summer Colors~

O.K., we are having another heat wave !  Today is Day 5 !  Being outside has not been very comfortable, but the flowers in our gardens do not seem to mind the readings on our thermometer.  Well, we are making sure they have water.  I'm sure that makes it a lot easier for them.

On Monday the very last Salmon Daylily blossomed!  It is unusual not to look out our window and see a large quantity of salmon colored blossoms every day.

The Zinnia, Vinca and Marigold seeds that we planted in the late Spring are also producing colorful flowers!!

We plant the Zinnia seeds saved from the previous year's crop.  This year we purchased some Marigold and Vinca seeds, because it was unclear if and when we would locate the plants to buy.  Later, bright yellow Marigold plants were also purchased, but there were no Vinca plants.  It's taken a while for these seeds to prosper, but the flowers are now popping out!

We are enjoying them!


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