Wednesday, October 21, 2020

~Freezing Butternut Squash~

Bushel of Butternut Squash

A bushel of our fave vegetable is now sitting in our garage.  Well, a bushel of Butternut Squash minus the two that I already prepared.  A couple of weeks ago we stopped in at Meadowbrook Farm in East Longmeadow, MA.  It's tradition that every year we purchase the bushel of squash (that is in a cardboard box).  It has a special place in our garage.  During the months of October and November this veggie is prepped for our freezer.

In past years I've written my Directions for prepping this delicious orange colored veggie for the freezer.

Click here for my Directions! 

Ready to pack for the freezer!
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The mashed veggie is portioned out and placed in freezer bags that are labelled and dated.  When desired, it's ready to defrost in the microwave.  Just remove a bag from the freezer and place in a covered vented microwave safe container and microwave.  I use my covered CorningWare for defrosting and serving.

No butter/ margarine nor sugar is needed at all.  This vegetable is so tasty!  That's why we always purchase a bushel locally and prepare it.  If you and your family also enjoy this vegetable, prep and freeze some portions! 



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