Saturday, November 28, 2020

Turkey a la King!

Turkey a la King
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It's like clockwork! The day after Thanksgiving we always enjoy slices of roasted Turkey, mashed potatoes, some stuffing and gravy along with Butternut Squash at dinnertime.  Then, the following day it's Turkey a la King!  Now, this is a very easy meal to prepare!  It is much like a Turkey Pot Pie, but without the pie crust or phyllo dough crust.  Small pieces of roasted Turkey in a creamy sauce along with mixed veggies!  It is served over slices of  toasted bread.  You cannot beat that for easy!  It is so tasty, too!

These days I usually double or triple the recipe and freeze the extra portions in labelled freezer containers for quick easy dinners in the future.  When defrosting, I add a small amount of milk and stir it in.

My Recipe is here (click).     

This is a great dinner! Just remember to place cranberry sauce on your dinner table, too!



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