Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Bake a Batch of Hermits!

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Got Raisins?  Got Molasses?  Got Ground Ginger and Ground Cloves??  If not add them to your grocery list!  You will be on your way to baking a batch of Hermits! The delicious molasses flavored bar cookies that are filled with raisins are a great choice for your holiday cookie tray.  Three "logs" of dough are placed on a large cookie pan.  Then, they are baked in your oven.  All at one time!

Ready to be placed in the oven!
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After the three logs of dough are baked each log is cut diagonally into serving pieces.  Then, after the bar cookies cool, one is ready for a "taste test".  It is not necessary, because of course it will taste scrumptious!  But, who can resist a taste test of a homemade cookie??

Which Hermit should I "taste test"?
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Hermits have been a favorite cookie for so many years! Click here for my recipe and the complete easy directions!  

These bar cookies also freeze well!  Place 4- 6 of them in a freezer bag and pop in the freezer.  Freeze more if you are able to do so.  We enjoy most of them after I bake them.  What a special treat to find a package of Hermits to defrost in about 1 month.  Bake a batch this week!  Don't forget the taste test!


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