Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mailing Homemade Cookies

Receiving a box of homemade cookies in the mail is such a great treat! For a special day or if a member of your family is in college, this unexpected gift is ALWAYS WELCOME just before FINALS! Last week a box of Craisin Raisin Oaties was mailed to our son in NYC.

Supplies: Cookies, (2) gallon size Ziploc Bags, & 1 container of Paper Muffin Liners.

Open Ziploc bags. Place 1 Ziploc Bag inside the other and place flat on a table. Then put each cookie on a Paper Muffin Liner. Stack 4 cookies high & place in the bag. Usually, 12 – 16 cookies will fit in the Ziploc Bag. Now, carefully remove any excess air in the inner bag and then zip. Then zip the outer bag. Place these treats inside a crumpled newspaper lined addressed box. Tape the box and it will be ready to go. After mailing the box of treats will be on their way to a very happy recepient.

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