Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July! As we celebrate our independence we also have summer barbecues. Along with the grilled hamburgers and the hot dogs a few delicious side dishes are enjoyed. Our family has our "family favorites." They include Carrot Salad, A “Super Side” of Jello and Tangy Tortellini Salad. (Click on bolded words.) Each "easy to make" dish is prepared one day in advance and then refrigerated. A fruit salad can be prepared on the day of the BBQ.

They are all kept cold on the serving table. If there are any portions left after we have eaten, they are carefully covered and refrigerated, again.

Later in the evening or the next day it is always a pleasant surprise is to open the refrigerator door and discover a small portion of your favorite delicious salad. Yummy!


Have a happy Fourth of July!

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