Monday, August 11, 2008

Bow Tie Veggie Medley

In the warmer weather when the locally grown zucchini, green peppers and summer squash are available, I make Sauteed Combo (click on bolded words) quite often. It is definitely a treat to use the local produce. Sometimes, we have a small portion left after dinner, so the remaining amount is covered and placed in our fridge. This small portion combined with previously prepared Bow Tie Pasta is the beginning of another yummy side dish. Have you ever prepared a bit too much pasta? I usually do, just a bit. A few evenings ago Bow Tie Pasta was part of our dinner, and the extra pasta was also refrigerated. Those two enjoyable foods became the basis of Bow Tie Veggie Medley.

The pasta was reheated in a skillet with 1 TBS. Olive Oil. The extra Sauteed Combo was added along with 6 halved cherry tomatoes. A little Basil was sprinkled on top. What a delicious side dish! To think that it all started with leftovers from two dinners that we enjoyed three days ago.

Try it! Enjoy! Yummy!

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