Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just Peachie!

This morning the fragrant inviting aroma of peaches filled our kitchen. Two separate batches of Peach Freezer Jam were made. Tomorrow (after the 24-hour time period that Freezer Jam requires), the containers will be placed and stored in our freezer. Now, our supply of Strawberry, Blueberry and Peach Freezer Jam has been prepared. We will be enjoying these colorful delicious jams all year.

After making the jam there were six juicy peaches left. Now, that was an invitation to bake a scrumptious dessert. The mouth-watering peaches would make an appetizing Peachie Crisp. The ingredients and method for Peachie Crisp are similar to Apple Crisp, except that peaches are used rather than apples.

***I also remove the skins from the peaches using the following method: Place each peach in simmering water for about 35 seconds. Remove from the hot water and cool. The skins will peel off with no waste.

Then, I followed my Apple Crisp recipe and used about ¼ Cup of Craisins. (The 1-cup Ziploc container in my fridge containing the dried Craisins soaking in apple juice comes in handy.) I also used a little less brown sugar.

After the dessert was baked and cooled, it was placed in our fridge. Cold Peachie Crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! That is a GREAT dessert! Bake it and try it. You will like it!


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