Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cooking Up A Storm

For me the expression “Cooking Up A Storm” does not always mean that my oven, my refrigerator or my herbs will be used. Yesterday afternoon a section of my dining room table was covered with colorful silk flowers along with a copper container and wire cutters. A day earlier my hubby had glued green foam into the bottom of the copper container. It would be the base for a silk flower arrangement gift that I was making for friends.

Making floral arrangements is a relaxing hobby. After sniping the stem of the first flower to the desired height, the stem is inserted into the center of the foam. Then, another floral stem is cut and put in place - sticking out of the end of the foam and side of the container. Another flower is placed on the other side. After that … desired colors and varieties of silk flowers are added. No green foam will be visible when the arrangement is completed. While listening to a Billy Joel CD, colorful sprigs were carefully cut and pushed into the foam. One here, another there… Before I knew it I was finished.

An advertised sale at Michael’s is as sweet as using coupons in the grocery store! Two weeks earlier I was able to purchase my silk flower supply for this project at a 50% discount.

This morning the finished product was sitting on my counter. Do you enjoy making silk flower arrangements? Other than using your oven, how do you enjoy “cooking up a storm”?


Anonymous said...

I love Billy Joel and go to Michael's all of the time now that I'm retired. Your flower arrangement is beautiful ♥

Branding Is Blather said...

Wow. That looks pretty cool.

JG said...

Charlie and me and Branding is Blather - Thank you for your kind words! Making the floral arrangements is a relaxing hobby for me. It also comes in handy on special occasions.