Monday, June 1, 2009

Times Are Changing!

Today is the first day of the month – June has arrived. The beginning of June brought a new format to our local daily newspaper. Yes, I was aware that this would take place today, but I found our paper so small when it arrived on our driveway. It was a very quick read during breakfast.

Much later this evening a new host of the “Tonight Show” will guide us into the next day. The monologue that I have grown accustomed to for many years will be absent.

Well, times are changing! However, recipes for delicious, nutritious, easy to prepare foods are still meant for sharing. So, for those of you who have searched, clicked and discovered “A Tasty Thought by JG” there is now an opportunity to become a “Follower” of this Blog. Methods and directions for Grilled Haddock, Grilled Sockeye Salmon and Mailing Homemade Cookies are still clicks away. More recipes await!

Happy cooking!

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Anonymous said...

You always have the most wonderful recipes posted on your blog. Thank you. I have gotten some great ideas here.