Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ah, Add A Little Lemon Peel!

The sun was shining brightly in our backyard. Looking out my kitchen window I could see a bright red Cardinal perched on a branch. The temperature was in the mid 70’s, so pre-heating my oven added a little warmth to my kitchen. The Craisin Twists (click) were ready to be baked. Whenever when I bake the Pillsbury Cinnamon Twists, I use Plumped Raisins and Plumped Craisins (click) to fill the inside before twisting the dough. However, there was only about ¼ cup of Plumped Craisins in the container in my fridge. It was enough to fill the 2 canisters of dough before the Twists were baked. This was the opportunity to open the jar of McCormick Lemon Peel that I had purchased a couple of months ago.

To the ¼ Cup of Plumped Craisins I added about 2 tsp. Lemon Peel and stirred. Baking a double batch requires using my extra large cookie sheet and about 2 minutes and 30 seconds extra baking time. I follow the directions on the package and add the extra baking time.

Baked Cinnamon Twists with the added fruit taste so good, especially after they are stored in the fridge! An extra plus to baking a double batch, is that after the Twists are iced, place all of them in the fridge, so the icing becomes firm. Later, the extra treats can be placed in a Gallon – sized Ziploc bag and stored in the freezer. If freezing, place them in a single layer. Whenever they are needed for breakfast, they only need to be defrosted!

Enjoy the Craisin Twists!


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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Anything with lemon flavouring is wonderful! I loved the Pilsbury products when we lived in USA - such a quick treat. Love the idea of adding additional fruit and flavouring to make them more delicious.