Monday, August 24, 2009

A Tasty Tradition Includes Grilled Haddock!

Sometimes, we repeat past actions and with their repetitions traditions begin! Spending a few days at Cape Cod here in MA definitely falls into that category. Relaxing and enjoying Nauset Beach in Orleans is an all time summer family favorite. Just before starting the journey back home, enjoying a Clam Roll on the Wellfleet Pier hits the spot.

After enjoying a relaxing vacation, I am always eager to get back to my kitchen. The second night that we are back home “Grilled Haddock” is our entrĂ©e. This has happened for quite a few years. Grilled Haddock is quick and easy to prepare and tastes delicious! Add a microwaved “baked potato” and a veggie or fruit salad and a nutritious dinner is ready quickly!

Grilled Haddock

1 lb. Haddock Fillet(s) serves 2.

1. Spray Grilling Basket/Container with PAM.
2. On a large dish pour about 2 TBS. Olive Oil.
3. Sprinkle a little Paprika and Thyme on top.
4. After rinsing Haddock Fillet(s) in running cold water, place on the Olive Oil/Paprika/Thyme.
5. Turn the fish over to coat the other side.
6. Place fish in Grilling Basket/Container on heated Grill.
7. Grill 5 – 7 Minutes on each side, until fish flakes easily with fork. Grilling Time depends on size/thickness of fillet.

A Grilling Basket/Container is definitely needed, because the Haddock Fillet(s) can break apart while grilling. The amount of needed grilling time depends on the size of the piece(s) of the haddock and the grill.

Seafood tastes great!

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Anonymous said...

Your vacations sounds wonderful. I will have to look into getting a grilling basket. The fish sounds delicious.