Monday, August 31, 2009

First Peppers and Then Slices of Peppers!

What a beautiful sunny Monday! It was the day to go to the fridge and take out the Green Peppers that were purchased two days ago. Here in Massachusetts it’s great to visit a roadside veggie stand and purchase the local fresh produce. Our grocery stores carry the fresh products that are grown in our area, also. A few days ago locally grown Green Peppers and Peaches were purchased. One batch of Peach Freezer Jam will be made tomorrow. The Certo is waiting!

Today the Green Peppers were washed, cut in strips and placed in individual sandwich bags. The sandwich bags were then placed in Ziploc Freezer Bags and into the freezer they went!

During the winter on a cold snowy day when I am making dinner I will reach into my freezer and take out a bag of sliced peppers to add. Peppers always taste so good when they are added into dishes containing tomato sauce.

Do you add Green Peppers to main dishes? Do you have local veggie stands where you purchase your produce in the summer and early fall?

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