Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Sherbet Punch

During the daytime red, orange and golden colored leaves confirm that October is here. Then, cold, and dark nights hide the beautiful scenery of late October. Halloween is just around the corner. It is time for Halloween Sherbet Punch!

Halloween Sherbet Punch


(3) 1 Quart containers of Orange Sherbet

(5 –6) Bottles of Diet 7-Up Soda (refrigerated)


1. In large punch bowl place 1 Quart of Sherbet.
2. Pour (2) bottles of chilled Diet 7-Up in punch bowl, pouring some over sherbet.
3. Stir a little to mix ingredients.
4. Will result in frothy top and softened sherbet.
5. Ladle into cups, adding some of the softened sherbet.
6. Replenish the Diet 7-Up and sherbet, as needed.

The goblins in your family and friends will enjoy the beverage you have brewed!

Happy Halloween!!

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