Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Sherbet Punch!!!

Every fall during mid October our Halloween decorations find their way out of hibernation.  At this time of year I also always remember the Halloween Sherbet Punch.  It's a yummy, frothy, orange beverage that we, especially my sons & their friends, would always enjoy whenever our family and friends (both young and old) got together. 

Our punch bowl's ladle would be in constant use.  The stack of cups would need to be replenished.  And ... the punch bowl's ingredients, too.  :)  There are two ingredients to this delicious brew:  Orange Sherbet & 7-Up Soda.  O.K., I use the Diet 7-Up to save a a few calories here.  

The quantity of needed ingredients depends on number of guests.

Halloween Sherbet Punch

For each 1 Quart Orange Sherbet
Use 2 Bottles (Diet) 7-Up Soda (refrigerated)

  1. In large punch bowl place 1 Quart Sherbet.
  2. Pour (2) bottles of 7-Up Soda in bowl, pouring some over Sherbet. 
  3. Stir a little to mix.
  4. Results in frothy, softened Sherbet.
  5. Ladle into cups, adding some of the Sherbet.
  6. Replenish the 7-Up & Sherbet, as needed.
Your goblins will enjoy what you have brewed!  




Rita said...

I hve never had or heard of this before, but it sounds fantastic. I'm saving this recipe for my grandchildren's next visit.

Happy@Home said...

I have a lot of sherbet lovers in my family so I'm sure they would like this. Sounds easy too.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I can remember making that when we were kids! Sounds so good now, too! ♥

Velva said...

This would really be a great punch to serve up to friends and families. A definite punch that kids would enjoy too.

Carol said...

Love this punch recipe!

Pam said...

This is great and I know it's really good and something perfect for Halloween. Have a good weekend!

Cathy said...

My kids love this punch and we always serve it at summertime picnics. We have used different flavors of sherbet but orange is my favorite.