Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Pushing Back Nature"

So much has been accomplished this week.  And ... it's only Wednesday!  Today, as we look out our windows the green grass has never looked better.  My DH has finished using the chain saw and "pushing back nature".  As is customary in autumn, leaves are floating downward.  This fall they are falling from trees that have missing branches.  Today my DH finished the first raking of our yard.   

Our fridge is being replenished.  Much to my happy surprise my grocery store, Big Y, carries frozen green pepper pieces - ready to use.  A bag of frozen blueberries was also in our grocery cart.  I envision Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes this weekend.  There will be pancakes to add to our freezer! 

Electricity and Internet is back!  Things are looking good!

We will enjoy!



Rita said...

That has to be a good feeling; so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

I heard you had quite a storm in your area. I'm glad to hear things are settling down. I don't understand the crazy weather we have been having. In our area it has just been windy and rainy. I'm not looking forward to snow.
Take care my friend, Carol

JG said...

Rita - Thank you!!! :)

Carol - We really did not need/want the snow, either. 1 and 1/2 weeks later things are lookin' great! Come spring - we will have a LOT more sun in the backyard. :)