Friday, July 29, 2016

~Colors During Our Heat Wave~

Salmon Daylily
"Ahhh!"  It was a moment of enjoy it now before it is gone!  Yesterday, there were 2 Salmon Daylilies blossoming in our front garden.  They were our last 2 Daylilies of the year.  What a great crop bursting open every morning.  Even during the heat wave of the past 8 days, the garden was bursting with color!

At the same time our side garden is filled with colorful Zinnias!  They grew from seeds saved from last year's colorful crop. 

Zinnias planted with seeds saved from last year's crop!

It's so bright outdoors.  What color these flowers have added to our yard on these days of intense heat!



Pam said...

Your flowers are gorgeous, Judy! Our Daylilies are all out now also, but they orange and rust flowers transplanted from my in-laws yard many years ago. I love the pink though, very pretty! Zinnias are great also. I love cosmos and had them as a perennial in Louisville, but too cold here for that here, annually here. So many beautiful flowers for the yard!

JG said...

Pam- Thanks! The Salmon Daylilies add a great touch of color to our front perennial garden. They kept blossoming & suddenly there was one! Did yours do o.k. with the heat? Summer & colorful flowers are welcomed after the winter months. :) The rotations of flowers is just great!