Friday, May 26, 2017

Yummy Yogurt

Yummy Yogurt
Today was "time to make the yogurt"!  That seems to be every 10 days, give or take.  It's a habit I've had for... well... decades.  Today, the 2 Donvier Yogurt Makers were sitting on my kitchen counter making the next batch.  These electric yogurt makers did the work for 7 hours & 30 minutes.  Then, the individual 6 oz. containers were placed in the fridge.

Yogurt is very easy to prep!  I like the individual 6 oz. container yogurt makers.  Years ago I purchased two.  2 batches were just as easy as making a single batch. 

The process is easy!  The needed milk is boiled & then placed in a large bowl to cool to a required temperature.  My "temperature spoon" comes in handy here.  It came with the Donvier Yogurt Maker.  Then, a culture is added to the cooled milk & stirred.  Place milk in containers, snap on the lid & set the timer.

Complete directions here.
Yogurt is always enjoyed at lunch time here.  I like to add a little Freezer Jam & Crunchy Oats to this very tasty source of calcium!


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