Thursday, December 12, 2019

Storrowton Village Museum

Gilbert House
This is a great time of year to visit the Storrowton Village Museum in West Springfield, MA!  Anytime I can step into a museum, it's a great day!  Sunday, we drove over the river (Connecticut River) to West Springfield.  The buildings were relocated to this location by Helen Storrow.

A Little History!
At this time of year visitors are able to visit during Yuletide.  The weekend event was open to the public, free of charge.  Visitors of all ages enjoyed walking around and into the old buildings.  It's always a treat to visit the schoolhouse.

Stopping in to the Schoolhouse
The School Master answered so many of our questions.  He also gave us a quiz!

Union Meetinghouse in the background  
Strolling on the grounds is always great, but after our recent snowfall it looked even more beautiful!  It's always a treat to view how the area garden clubs have decorated the houses and also the Meetinghouse. 

On the steps
of the Meetinghouse


A basket of fruit
inside the Gilbert House
The clove studded oranges look festive along with the apples, lemons and the welcoming pineapple!

A beautiful tree
in front of Storrowton Tavern
It was definitely a great visit!  What a treat to go during Yuletide!

We enjoyed it!

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