Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Winter Has Arrived!

December 2019
Thanksgiving Day and the weekend were great!  We all knew that snow was in the weather forecast later in the weekend, so refrigerators were stocked with milk and for us, orange juice.  An extra loaf of bread was purchased, too.  The snowflakes did begin to fall.  The holiday vacation from schools was extended to Monday with a Snow Day.  Today is Tuesday and it's another Snow Day!  Winter has arrived!

About 17" of snow was the result of the long lasting snowstorm.  Snowblowers have been working in our neighborhood and the streets are plowed.  This afternoon it does look like suddenly the season changed.

December 2019
 It is New England and the seasons can change quickly!



Pam said...

I saw on the news all the snow up your way! Please keep it! 😊 Have a good week!

JG said...

Pam, it came in 3 parts. Reminded me of the movie "Groundhog Day"- returned and yet again. :) It is a really pretty time of year!