Saturday, September 19, 2020

~Saving Marigold Seeds~

Yellow Variegated Marigolds

Our Marigolds have been beautiful this summer!  Yellow, orange and yellow variegated flowers blossomed continuously.  The plants that produce the yellow variegated flowers were planted from seeds.  I had purchased the seeds in early 2020.  Now with mornings a bit chillier, I decided to save some of the seeds from this year's crop, so we could enjoy this variegated flower again next summer.

So, this past week I snipped off many of the bright blossoms.  They are now drying out in a cut down Kleenex box in our garage.  In a few weeks the colorful blossoms will dry out.  I will be able to separate the dried seeds from the dried stems. 

One end of a dried Marigold seed is slender and black.  The other end is tan.  See photo below:

Dried Marigold Seeds
Dried Marigold Seeds
(File Photo)

Then, the seeds will be saved in a paper envelope that will be labelled.

Next May we will have many of these saved seeds to plant after the danger of frost has passed in our area.  Marigold seeds are easy to grow and the blossoms are beautiful.

We will Enjoy again!


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