Sunday, September 5, 2021

Freezing Green Pepper Strips and Chunks!

Getting ready to freeze Green Peppers strips.
(File Photo)

For me in the last two weeks it was time to start prepping and freezing Green Pepper strips and chunks!  This fresh local vegetable is available at roadside stands and supermarkets, so the peppers are ready to purchase.  It's another tradition for me at this time of year and does not take much time to do.  In the colder months taking a package out of the freezer to defrost is easy.  I use the strips as one of the toppings on homemade pizza and in other entrees.  Two years ago I did not take the time to freeze them and really missed using them.  So, it was time for me to get busy!

Ready to place in the bags to freeze.
(File Photo)

The details are in the post that I wrote last year. Click here for the Directions. 

"Mission accomplished!"  Now, they are in my freezer!

We will Enjoy this winter!

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