Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oatmeal and Cholesterol

Four months ago I was advised that I needed to LOWER my cholesterol, so I started to pay more attention to the Oatmeal commercials on television. We have all seen them … an individual proudly states that he/she has eaten a serving of oatmeal cereal every day for 1 month and the result is a lower cholesterol reading. Knowing that I would tire of that particular breakfast every day, I decided to eat oatmeal every other day. My breakfast would be either “Creamy Cranberry Oatmeal”, Creamy Oatmeal made with raisins or Awesome Oatmeal Pancakes. After eating this breakfast for 3 months, I, JG, am a believer! I can proudly state that I have lowered my cholesterol 23 points in 3 months by eating a breakfast with oatmeal every other day! WOW!! And … I am still enjoying my healthy oatmeal every other day.

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