Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Definitely the WRAP!

A delicious change for lunch is a La Tortilla Factory (click on image)Tomato Basil Softwrap filled with either small pieces of leftover Tempting Tenderloin, shredded cheese and mustard or a wrap bursting with tuna packed in olive oil and shredded cheese. About one year ago while grocery shopping in our local Stop & Shop, packaged softwraps made by La Tortilla Factory were discovered in front of the Deli Counter. Keeping in mind that all too often packaged tortillas loose their soft texture after being filled and then microwaved, my husband & I decided to try this brand. We chose a package of softwraps that were prepared with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Ahhh, La Tortilla Factory is the tortilla brand to purchase. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Traditional, Tomato Basil or Rosemary Softwraps - we have tried all of them. In addition to the above fillings, ham or turkey with tomato and spinach make mouth-watering cold wraps. What a delicious lunch!!!

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