Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sausage Soup

Last night the animated local weather map showed menacing thunderstorms approaching our Western Massachusetts area within a half hour. That required a Plan B for our leisurely Saturday dinner! The Ziploc container of Sausage Soup had been defrosted and needed to be reheated. A can of College Inn (Light & Fat Free) Chicken Broth was added into the saucepot. The chicken broth was needed, because the rice had absorbed most of the liquid in the freezer container before being place in the freezer. Served along with a Grilled Cheese & Tuna (packed in Olive Oil) sandwich on Oatmeal Bread our quick supper was extremely easy, incredibly tasty and very quick to make. Whenever I prepare Sausage Soup, the extra servings are placed in Ziploc Containers, labelled and then stored in my freezer. My hearty homemade Sausage Soup is absolutely delicious and tastes so much better than the soup with the same name served at our local restaurants. On any evening when a quick supper is needed, a container is quickly defrosted for part of our meal. Quick, easy & yummy!!

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