Monday, November 30, 2009

The Overripe Banana

Earlier this morning before Breakfast I glanced over to the fruit bowl on my kitchen counter. One overripe Banana remained. Hmmm, it did not really look very appetizing. Then again, Bananas have never been a favorite fruit of mine, so I cannot imagine that a piece of yellow fruit speckled with brown spots would be very appealing to me. Yes, I’ve read articles stating that Bananas contain Potassium. O.K., I get that. I eat one almost every day, but it has to look “just right”. Bananas are not juicy and scrumptious to me like Oranges and Apples are. For that reason I like to hide them in other foods. Oatmeal is a great example!

On a chilly morning a bowl of Creamy Oatmeal prepared with Quaker Old Fashioned Oats tastes so good. Especially if it is flavored with Cinnamon, Brown Sugar and Nutmeg. Having a little Banana flavoring does not hurt this tasty, healthy bowl of warm cereal. Actually, it is quite delicious!

After enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving my fridge is mostly empty, but a partial carton of Soy Milk was located. So, I had plans for the remaining piece of overripe fruit. Following the directions on the Quaker Oat canister for preparing Oatmeal, I added in one overripe Banana that was cut into slices. In preparing Oatmeal, I omit the Salt and sprinkle in Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Brown Sugar - according to taste. If the combo sits in the pot for 5 minutes before applying the heat, a creamier Oatmeal is the result.

The flavor was great and the Banana slices melted, so they were not even noticed! It made some pretty tasty oatmeal!

Do you enjoy warm Oatmeal on a cold morning?



Happy@Home said...

Thanks for your recent visit and kind comments. My sentiments on bananas are the same as yours. I do eat them in oatmeal quite often. I always use the old fashioned oats and add chopped pecans, a bit of brown sugar, a large splash of milk and chopped bananas or dried cherries. I usually make one bowl following their microwave directions. I like your idea of nutmeg. I'm going to have to try that.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I eat hot oatmeal almost every day of my life! lol I'll try this variation. I am always putting all kinds of fresh or dried fruit and nuts in my oatmeal! I like it tasty and hearty! lol Visit me soon to find out where I am! lol