Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Such Tasty Pancakes!

At this time of year in Western MA yard work is a must! In many families either Saturday or Sunday brings out the raking/blowing leaves detail. We had been enjoying the long lasting colorful beautiful leaves on all of our trees this fall. But, at some point we knew that an abundance of leaves would flutter downward forming a carpet on our lawns. Most leaves are brown. Others are red or a golden color. There are town residents who hire local landscape services to remove the leaves. Other families take on the yearly challenge themselves. My hubby takes on this challenge for us.

Now, if you are planning on spending time outside taking care of the leaves detail on the weekend, a hearty breakfast is a must. Pancakes are an all time breakfast favorite in my household. Sitting down for breakfast and enjoying Awesome Oatmeal Pancakes is the best! After eating one bite you might ask - Is Oatmeal really an ingredient in these pancakes? They are very light!

These tasty pancakes are prepared in two steps. Step 1 - The evening before the pancakes will be made on the griddle, old-fashioned oats and buttermilk are mixed together in a large bowl and refrigerated.

Now, I have learned that doing this step about 16 hours before Step 2 results in lighter Awesome Oatmeal Pancakes. (Click for recipe).

Oh yes, they do freeze well, also. After breakfast, cool any extra pancakes. Each one can be placed in a separate sandwich bag and then stored in a labeled/dated Ziploc Freezer Bag. It makes for a great breakfast on another busy morning with the aid of a microwave!

Do you prepare pancakes? What kind do you make? Are there any extra pancakes after breakfast that you could place in your freezer?




~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have blueberry pancakes in my freezer right now. I may want to get them out for lunch! I always make extra and freeze some. I use whole wheat flour and put in some flax seed meal and I love blueberries. Then I use real maple syrup and real butter, of course. I love oatmeal so I am going to save your recipe! Thanks!

Carol said...

We love pancakes! Yours look great! We never had oatmeal pancakes so I'll have to give those a try! Looks like a delicious, hearty start to the day!