Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Peach Freezer Jam

Getting ready!
Life is just peachy!  Local fruit - yum!  We enjoyed fresh strawberries, then blueberries and now the locally grown peaches!  With each delicious fruit, our year's supply of Freezer Jam found its place on my dining room table "doing its thing" for the 24 hour time period.  Then, the Ziploc containers of Jam were placed on the top shelf in our large freezer. 

Fresh peaches are yummy!  Peach Jam is definitely a treat!  Peach Freezer Jam - so good!  This jam always takes a bit more time to prepare.  The peach skins are not included in the jam.  After rinsing the ripe fruit under cold running water, the skins need to be removed.  The easiest method to do this is to place each piece of fruit in simmering hot water for about 35 seconds.  Remove from water and drain.

When cool enough to handle, the skins will peel off easily (after being pierced).  Then, remove the pit.  Mash the fruit and then measure needed amount and place in a large bowl and continue following the directions found inside the package of Certo (liquid fruit pectin).

Homemade Freezer Jam is just the best!  Whenever I make a batch I always read the notes that I've shared with all of you (click here for notes) and I also reread & follow the Directions (exactly) found inside a box of Certo (liquid fruit pectin).  As I've shared before, in my younger years I made the cook over a hot stove in the heat of summer Jam.  However, one year after reading the directions for Freezer Jam in the package of Certo, I made a batch of Strawberry Freezer Jam.  It was so yummy, that I made the Blueberry Freezer Jam when the local blueberries were available.  Now, it's my kind of jam! 

Peach Freezer Jam may take longer to prepare than the Strawberry or the Blueberry varieties, but it also tastes great - especially during the harsh cold icy winter months!

Do you make Freezer Jam?




darasi said...

Yes, I love peaches and this freezer jam of peaches is so delish :)
By the way, thanks for the tips, I can peel the skin easily now :)

JG said...

darasi- Glad the tips are helpful!

Pam said...

The peaches have been delicious this summer here so this is a great recipe to try. Your jam sounds delicious and thanks for the recipe, Judy!

Mary Bergfeld said...

This sounds fantastic, JG. I make raspberry and strawberry freezer jam. I've found the berries keep their color when freezer recipes are used. I've never made peach jam, however. I'll have to remedy that. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

JG said...

Pam- Every Thursday my local Farmers' Market is open and 7-8 yummy peaches are purchased. You still have time to make a batch, too! :)

Mary- I've found the coloring is brighter in Freezer jam, also. Never have I made Raspberry Freezer Jam. I guess we both have only so much space, even in a large freezer. :)