Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Favorite Summer Sights

As promised on all of our weather reports for today, it absolutely poured buckets of rain - for a very long time.  Yesterday's views of our colorful flowers were a memory.

This garden on the side of our home is always a welcome sight as we "round the bend" to our street.  A closer view of the bright yellow Marigolds & pink/ red/ orange Zinnias:

This view will last until we do get our first strong frost.  The Zinnias were planted from seed while small Marigold plants were placed in the soil.  I probably will save the Zinnia seeds to dry & store to plant in next year's garden.  Some of my favorite sights of Summer!



Anonymous said...

Some great photos! JG... you have certainly captured the colors of some popular summer flowers.

JG said...

Anonymous- Thanks! :)