Saturday, August 15, 2015

Colonial Cooking!

Have you ever wondered how cooking was done in Colonial America?  I sure have.  My oven, baking sheets, pots & pans & slow cooker are used all of the time.  How were the families' meals prepared long ago?  Yes, a fireplace & large pot were used, but there is more to the story.  How was it done? 

Yesterday my DH & I visited Historic Deerfield in Deerfield, MA.  It was one of the Free Fun Friday places to visit on August 14, (sponsored by the Highland Street Foundation).  Walking through the 18th century village & visiting some of the museum houses took us back in time.  Then, walking into the kitchens of the old homes was so interesting! 

Today I visited Historic Deerfield's website & learned even more about cooking during this time period by watching their short video.  I hope you, my readers, also enjoy watching it.          

So that's how freshly caught fish could be cooked- so long ago!    

Thank you Historic Deerfield for this great video!

Another Thank You to the Highland Street Foundation & Historic Deerfield for a great Friday learning more History!

We did Enjoy!


Pam said...

Great video! We definitely have it much easier today. Can't imagine the time and energy it took to prepare a meal. Have a great week, Judy!

JG said...

Pam- So true! It's so interesting to learn about yesteryear.