Tuesday, November 14, 2017

~Freezing Butternut Squash~

Mashing the Butternut Squash

The annual ritual of freezing Butternut Squash to enjoy the other months of the year is in full swing!  This delicious orange vegetable is such a great treat at dinnertime.  It's great to be able to purchase the fresh local vegetables in autumn at local roadside stands.  With a little prep work this veggie can be frozen, then reheated, for a great side dish during the year!

Ready for our freezer!
I freeze 2 Cups of this mashed veggie in each Quart sized Ziploc Freezer bag.  While preparing dinner it's easy to remove the frozen mashed Butternut Squash from the bag and place in a Corningware dish.  Place the cover on top.  In our microwave it is defrosted/ reheated in ~14 minutes.  The steaming hot vegetable is served in the same baking dish.

There are also many other ways that we enjoy Butternut Squash!  For me it requires only walking down the stairs to open our large freezer.  The bags of Butternut Squash are waiting on the second shelf!

This is the time of year when we find these orange colored squash plentiful in the grocery stores.    

Click here for complete directions on preparing Butternut Squash for the freezer. 


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