Saturday, November 25, 2017

~Turkey a la King~

Turkey a la King
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Is there leftover Turkey from your delicious dinner on Thursday?  Or maybe just a little is remaining.  It's a great opportunity to make Turkey a la King for dinner!  You probably have all of the ingredients already.  This is so similar to a Turkey Pot Pie.  However, there is no need to roll out or purchase a pie crust.  A creamy sauce filled with small bites of turkey along with mixed vegetables served over toasted bread.  Now, that's what I call easy.  That's also what I call yummy!

So, find your can of Chicken Broth, Milk and package of frozen vegetables to prepare this for tonight's dinner.  :)

Turkey a la King
     Serves 2- 3 people 


1/4 Cup Margarine/ Butter (I use unsalted.)
1/3 Cup Flour
1 Cup Chicken or Turkey Broth
      (I use College Inn Light & Fat Free Chicken Broth.)
1 Cup Milk
1 Cup Turkey chunks (cooked), cut up, more if desired
 2 Cups cooked Carrots & Peas (or Mixed Vegetables)

Sliced Bread, Toasted, 1- 2 slices/ person

  1.  Melt Margarine/ Butter in large skillet/ large pot.
  2.  Remove skillet from Medium heat and slowly stir in Flour.
  3.  Return to heat and slowly add in Chicken Broth & Milk while slowly stirring constantly.
  4.  Continue stirring over heat until sauce is thick and bubbly. 
  5.  Add cooked Turkey chunks.
  6.  Add in cooked vegetables.
  7.  Stir and heat mixture for 1 - 2 Minutes.
  8.  Serve over toasted Bread.
There's always some Cranberry Sauce on our table to enjoy while having this at dinner!  It's easy and delicious!   


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