Sunday, December 3, 2017

~Knitted Penguins~

Knitted Penguins
It's the beginning of December.  You may have knitting needles in many sizes just waiting to be picked up and start clicking away.  You may have white or blue, green or red yarn sitting in your "yarn stash".  There may be even a skein of black yarn.  If you don't have black yarn, put it on your "must buy" list!  These adorable Penguins are just too cute to resist knitting, if you like to knit!!!

Last year I surprised my older two grandsons with these cute little guys.  One grandson likes anything and everything relating to Penguins.  I used a Red Heart yarn pattern that I had found on Twitter.

Click here for pattern.

JOANN's had the needed buttons to securely sew on the faces.  Using a small piece of Bias Tape the buttons were sewn on much easier.  They are also more secure!

Securely sew on buttons!
Each Penguin has a jersey body liner that's stuffed & then placed inside the knitted body.  This body liner prevents any stuffing from seeping out of the knitted body.

Stuffed Jersey Liner to place inside Penguin.
The Penguin body is knitted.  The flippers and scarves are knitted separately.  I tacked the scarf onto the Penguin, completely, so it will never move.

***Push in the bottom of the completed Penguin, if you want it to stand up.  

This amigurumi Penguin is a cute gift for some lucky recipient!  

For my complete post from last year on creating these adorable knitted Penguins, click here.  These little amigurumi are just so cute!!!

Happy Knitting!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How cute! I can't knit well enough to do these but I'll pass the link on to my daughter in law. Thanks! Holiday hugs, Diane

Pam said...

Very cute, Judy! I have the needles but am not real talented when it comes to knitting. Since our grandson likes penguins too, I should give this a try! Thanks!

JG said...

Lavender Dreamer- Thanks! Your daughter-in-law will enjoy knitting a Penguin. :) I had not knitted a pattern in quite a few years.

Pam- Thank you! Give it a try! The flippers are knitted separately & sewn on with black yarn. The scarf "pulls" the body together.