Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ah, Sherbet Punch!

It is the season for graduations! This reminds me of the blog entry that I posted a year ago for Sherbet Punch. At family gatherings a punch bowl filled with Diet 7-Up and Sherbet is great for guests of all ages. There are two ingredients and it is easy to prepare.


(3) 1 Quart containers of Sherbet (choose one flavor)
Orange, Raspberry and Lime are tasty.

(5 – 6) Bottles of Diet 7-Up Soda (refrigerated)


1. In large punch bowl place (1) Quart of Sherbet.
2. Pour (2) bottles of chilled Diet 7-Up in punch bowl, pouring some over sherbet.
3. Stir a little to mix ingredients.
4. Will result in frothy top and softened sherbet.
5. Ladle into cups, adding some of the softened sherbet.
6. Replenish the Diet 7-Up and sherbet, as needed.

Easy and Yummy!

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