Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day!

If you have been listening to and watching the commercials lately, we have been reminded that Mother’s Day is approaching. As the day gets nearer, we see more advertisements. Moms always enjoy and appreciate an item that their children make. I still have the Macaroni Necklace that my younger son made for me when he was very young. It was quite a few years ago and I will always keep it. Not too long ago my older son stopped in with a container of chocolate chip cookies. What a nice surprise he had baked!

Baking a special dessert for mom is a great treat for her! What better time to surprise her than on Mother’s Day? Now, moms do believe in sharing, so if you and other family members will be together, everyone will enjoy the delicious dessert that you have prepared.

One of my favorites is Blueberry Delisimo. Ah, there is something about savoring bites of vanilla ice cream, juicy blueberries and white cake. Fresh or frozen (that have been thawed) blueberries can be used. Yes, my husband & my sons have made this dessert! It tasted so good! If you decide to prepare it, do not be fooled by its appearance before it is baked. The result is scrumptious!

Another easy but goodie is Creamy Cheesy Pie. The name describes its soft texture. Snickerdoodles are soft cookies that are flavored with cinnamon. It is hard to eat only one cookie. What will you be baking?



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