Thursday, May 14, 2009

Smells Inviting, Tastes Great!

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day and my hubby was the chef!!! Nice!!! He used our outdoor grill – even better! These days we eat many meals of fish or of chicken, so enjoying Luscious London Broil that he prepared and grilled was totally a treat!

Earlier in the day he prepared the London Broil. (Click here for my printable recipe card with the directions.)

Parsley, Chopped Onion, Garlic Powder, Pepper, Basil, Oregano and (2) Bay Leaves were placed in a Gallon sized Ziploc Bag along with Lemon Juice. After rinsing the meat in cold water, add it into the bag. Carefully, remove the air from the Ziploc Bag and zip. Then place it on a dish and refrigerate the London Broil for at least 3 hours. 5 hours is better. During this time, carefully, turn the bag over at least once and continue refrigerating.

Before dinner heat the grill and then remove the meat from the Ziploc Bag. Place the London Broil on a large plate and spread about 2 TBS. Gulden’s Mustard on top. Place this side down on the hot grill. Carefully, place and spread 2 more TBS. Gulden’s Mustard on the meat side facing up.

Grill to desired doneness. Place on a clean plate and slice on the diagonal.

Luscious London Broil served with a Salad and microwaved Baked Potato – Yummy!
How sweet!


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Arlette said...

What a nice hubby to prepare your Mother's Day meal for you. Thank you for sharing your recipe. It sounds delicious.