Sunday, October 18, 2015

~Frost in the Air!~

Thump, pop, boing!  That's the sound of the acorns falling off of the Oak tree branches when the wind is blowing & they hit our roof.  If the acorns hit our gutters, there's a boing before bouncing on the ground.  Sometimes a double bounce.  They do have a kick to their step!  With the large quantity of acorns on the ground it's a sign that winter is not far away.  Well, they all need to be raked along with the leaves that will be falling before we start thinking about that word snow.
Acorns with & without their caps.
Our weathermen have been warning us that a frost is in our forecast tonight & again tomorrow night.    Woah!  Today was probably the last day to enjoy my New Guinea Impatiens that have added so much color on our deck.  Yes, those are 2 deer antlers attached to the shutters of our shed.  They were found in the grass over the years. 

2 Deer antlers on our shed.
This Fall we've been enjoying the Asters that continue to pop up every year.  Soon the stalks will be cut back & mulched.  In the Spring the new green shoots will sprout & we'll have another large crop next Fall.  

Colorful Asters
The Marigold & the Zinnia seeds have been collected/ dried & stored.  This week the leaves on our trees will change even more to beautiful shades of golds, oranges, reds & maroons.  We do enjoy the 4 seasons of New England.  Tonight it will be a little more chilly.   


Pam said...

Your flowers are beautiful, Judy! Love the impatiens! It was chilly here, then it warmed up and returning to chilly now I guess. Take care

JG said...

Pam- Thanks! The potted New Guinea Impatiens grow so well on our deck. We've now learned that Vinca (Periwinkle) works so much better as a garden border than the Impatiens that we had always used.